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BrightLink sits at the crossroads between what people were & what they’re going to become.

We help individuals demonstrate value, articulate trustworthiness, and move to a new chapter of life. It is the American dream to take hold of opportunity and make a better life for your family. We believe in this dream and wake up every day to serve people in their pursuit. BrightLink exists to help people prove themselves worthy of opportunity.

BrightLink is an Atlanta-based software firm exclusively dedicated to the credentialing industry. Since 2007, innovating solutions for examiners, proctors, graders, credentialing staff, licensing bodies, and the candidates they serve, has been our primary mission.


Candidate management clarity.

Clarus offers serious operational and financial business value. Efficient candidate management happens with clearly communicated expectations for both candidates and credentialing staff.  Do your candidates and certificants know what they need to do next to move along in your workflow? Do your administrative staff know which candidates are in each phase of your workflow, as well as the next actions to take in order to transition them quickly?

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Turnkey human-scored exams.

Crucible not only uses tablets to replace the scribbling of notes or filling in of tiny bubbles on paper forms. It also offers a turnkey, out-of-the-box, all-in-one, platform experience for practical exams, performance and observational assessments, structured oral interviews, essay marking, OSCEs and more. Does your current delivery system address examiner training, calibration or fatigue? Do you feel confident in the psychometric reliability and legal defensibility of your exam results?

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BrightLink [ Clarus ] enabled us to reduce NHA’s operational workload by 60% in the same period we doubled our candidate volume. If you need me to go on a roadshow with [BrightLink], just let me know.
Tyson Schmidt, Director of Operations at Ascend Learning National Healthcareer Association